Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group is a proven process for creating your successful and sustainable coaching practice.

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    Sas Petherick

    Self-doubt Coach & Mentor

    Who am I?

    I’ve been leading my coaching practice for the last eight years. My business is a source of endless (and sometimes uncomfortable) growth, pride and joy - I'm pretty much unemployable now!

    I’ve figured out the principles of how to serve consistently and sustainably, staying rooted to my values and my version of success.

    I'm delighted to help you demystify the process of wrapping a proftable business around your coaching work.

    What will you learn?

    Fire Monkeys is a six-month mentoring programme, where you’ll have everything you need to establish your values-led, needs-based practice.

    This is also about you stepping into your sovereignty, your self-belief, your grounded, compassionate, boundaried, healing leadership.

    The programme runs once a year. Signing up means you'll be notified when the 2021 class opens for enrollment as well as relevant resources to support you.